Getting to Work

Something New!!

Like all of you, we often have projects we are working on. Ways we want to improve, passion projects we are invested in, or tackling an old story. This month we are unveiling a new topic and also a bit more about Lowi’s “haunted” past.

This month we are starting a new topic of conversation: What We Are Working On!

And Lowi is diving into the supernatural. So check it out below:

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of discussing my weight, macros, and whether I worked out today.  For the record, I am doing all the above, but I’d rather dish on something else I am working on.

I am working on figuring out the ghost that has haunted me for years.  Okay, haunting is a strong word.  It’s more that I believe a ghost has been making his/her presence known, only to me, for years and specifically while I am at my parents’ house.

For years, we have called my ghost Rose, based on some research my older sister did about 20 years ago.  She worked in the courthouse for a while and found out that someone named Rose owned the property my parents had built their house on years prior.  That’s it.  That is all we have known all these years except that I am haunted or crazy.

What Has Our Eye

You may be thinking, this is new too! You’d be right! We are mixing it up and adding more fun things to chat about!

We aren’t those kinds of people who say we don’t watch TV or movies. We haven’t gotten rid of our televisions in favor of some higher-brow ventures just yet.

Lowi is kicking us off with none other than Bad Sisters. Seems appropriate.

On Apple TV, I discovered a show called Bad Sisters.  Of course, I was immediately intrigued because 1) I have sisters, and 2) Sometimes we are bad.  Not bad, like we are out doing illegal things.  Bad, like we toilet-papered a lot of houses growing up.

Bad, like we laugh during inappropriate times such as in church or when we are ugly crying at a funeral.  Bad, like we tend to eat all of our feelings and emotions when we are together, even when we are actually verbally processing them. 

A Wish for Reinvention

Earlier this month, Lowi got the ball rolling as we embark on the value of both wishes and goals. Sometimes wishes get short shrift because we can use them as these far-off visions that we say, “someday” to ourselves about but never get into the goal-setting mode around.

And if that’s the case for you, then wishes can, at some point, be more like excuses than definite plans. But what wishes have that goals often don’t is emotion. A powerful feeling that propels them forward or holds them at the starting line.

Ironically enough, I, too, got some inspiration on this topic from Mel Robbins, but just in a different form. I have been listening to her podcast series entitled “Reinvent Your Life” on Audible. While so far, she hasn’t discussed the differences and value of wishes and goals directly, it’s all about taking stock of your life, your career, your health, and finances and asking yourself if you are happy with your current spot.

Loving Impulsivity

Today what I am loving is that sometimes I can be impulsive. Yeah, yeah, it’s not always my best feature but right now, I think it is.

Let me tell you that I just walked the vacuum cleaner I have long hated directly to my trashcan and have zero regrets. I care about landfills and global warming and not being wasteful. I also care that I am sure this thing is going to catch fire every single time I plug it in. And so today (I guess it will be yesterday when you read this), I just reached my limit. I unplugged it, dragged its useless accessories with it, and planted them all in the garbage. I walked back into my house with smug self-assuredness and parked myself in front of my computer to purchase something new.

The distance between dreams and reality is called action.

Bryan Tracy

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