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If it’s your first time at our site we want to give you a bit of a tutorial, or a decoder ring if you will.

First off, we have weird names. Yes, yes we do. They are nicknames and if you want to know more, you can read all about it here.

This year, as in 2020, just in case you aren’t sure we update our site regularly, we are embarking on an adventure of BEING! We both have been through some challenging time, we’re in the process of regrouping and finding our bearings again. We have come into a clearing from the proverbial woods of life and are realizing that instead of simply surviving we can return to thriving. And we needed a plan. We needed some daily practices to tether us to our overall goals and desires for life.

G & Lowi in January 2020 celebrating Lowi’s daughter, Sydney, getting married.


And so in late 2019 we gathered together on Lowi’s warm comfy sofa, journals in hand, hopes high for the holidays and a new year, and got to thinking, dreaming and creating.

What poured out of our hearts and heads is what you will read as 365 Being topics for the next year. If you want to catch all the nuance and basic plan, check it out here.

We hope you come along for the ride, ponder these ideas for yourself and show up for the bumps and boosts along the way that make for a meaningful life.

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