Season of Reinvention

As you can see while we have changed, some things really have stayed the same!

As the new year began, Lowi and I found ourselves naturally drawn to ideas of reinvention, wishes, and dreams. We pondered entering the new year more slowly and taking time to truly consider how we’d like to approach 2023. It took us until March to realize that what we were moving toward, albeit unconsciously, was an overhaul of Lowi & G.

We have been on this trajectory for so long that it takes on a momentum of its own. Sure, we had tweaked and nudged how we do things, but primarily it’s the same.

And much like putting on your shorts from last summer, we began to notice that this framework is a bit snug; it doesn’t quite fit like it used to.

In the roughly eight years since we began creating Lowi & G and subsequently writing a book, much has changed in our lives. Like you, we have been through some hard times these last several years. We aren’t the same Lowi & G that we were in 2014. It didn’t happen overnight, but little by slowly, we have grown and evolved into different versions of ourselves. Many things remain the same, and some are profoundly different. We are sure you can relate.

You can exhale if you think this is a long preamble to bidding you farewell. It’s not. But we are taking a hiatus to reimagine this creative endeavor. We don’t know where we will land. We are throwing it all out and considering how we can build something new.

We want to invent a new foundation for Lowi & G that fits more of the people we are now.

When we started this little adventure, Lowi still had all three kids at home, and I wasn’t quite yet in my 40s! A million small and gigantic experiences have come our way in the interim, and then we all lived through a pandemic!

Life has been a heavy load, at times, in the last few years, just like it probably has been for you.

It’s time for us to get plastic surgery, try out botox, change the wallpaper, build a she-shed, or get a convertible. We are open to anything!

We will be back, and when we are, we hope you’ll like our better-fitting format!

Until then,

Lowi & G

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  1. met92fcbf1d8a41 says:

    Convertibles are great….I was 50 (I think…LOL) when I had mine. Called it my menopause toy…so many laught!


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