“It’s not brain surgery. It’s not nuclear physics. It’s television. It’s only television.”
– Linda Ellerbee

Bad Sisters

On Apple TV, I discovered a show called Bad Sisters.  Of course, I was immediately intrigued because 1) I have sisters, and 2) Sometimes we are bad.  Not bad, like we are out doing illegal things.  Bad, like we toilet-papered a lot of houses growing up.

Bad, like we laugh during inappropriate times such as in church or when we are ugly crying at a funeral.  Bad, like we tend to eat all of our feelings and emotions when we are together, even when we are actually verbally processing them. 

Anyway, I started watching, and in the first episode, you learn immediately that the husband of one of the 5 sisters is dead.  Immediately, you are wondering if the sisters had anything to do with it, and if so, that would obviously be a whole other level of bad.  Now, I had to know what had happened.

The episodes take you back in time and then back to the present, allowing the audience to catch up on the family dynamics as a whole while also moving forward from this death that occurred.

I do not want to spoil one bit of this drama for you, but I will leave you with the questions that echo  through each episode, “what would you be willing to do for your sibling, and how far would you go to protect them?”

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