February 2023: Wishes & Goals

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.


What we are loving

Find out what we simple pleasures are bringing the most joy these days!

What we are reading

Books are one of our favorite things. Find out what we are reading now!

Bodies & Minds

We are always working on ourselves, improving how we operate in life. We’ll share what is working and our frequent missteps.

What We Are Eating

We are all about food. We enjoy cooking, baking, and, most of all, eating. Find out what we are enjoying and want most to share with you!

What We Are Working on

Like you, we are always working on something. Whether it’s to be more patient, be on time, clutter clear our garage or balance work and life better.

What We Are Watching

We get inspiration about this blog, life, or our latest home improvement project from television, movies, Netflix and even You Tube.