Season of Reinvention

As the new year began, Lowi and I found ourselves naturally drawn to ideas of reinvention, wishes, and dreams. We pondered entering the new year more slowly and taking time to truly consider how we’d like to approach 2023. It took us until March to realize that what we were moving toward, albeit unconsciously, was an overhaul of Lowi & G.

Getting to Work

Like all of you, we often have projects we are working on. Ways we want to improve, passion projects we are invested in, or tackling an old story. This month we are unveiling a new topic and also a bit more about Lowi’s “haunted” past.

This month we are starting a new topic of conversation: What We Are Working On!

Wishes & Goals

We made it through the longest month on record, and we are halfway through February. January always feels so long, cold and dark and there is this constant internal struggle to stay consistent with the healthy new habits we resolved to tackle and our desire to throw in the towel.  

Slowly Blooming

For our first installment of the New Year, G spoke about the slow start of 2023.  For me, the New Year has always had a difficult time taking root until at least the second week.  Even growing up, we would roll right from the holiday season into my cousin Julie’s birthday which is January 6th.  Happy Birthday, Julie!  Our eyes were not focused on a fancy new year or starting back to school.  Our eyes were clearly set on the first slumber party of the year, obviously.

Shhh! We’re entering 2023 … s l o w l y

Are you struggling to “get it together” this new year? Are you skeptical since 2020 broke your heart and ‘21 and ‘22 gave you a steady kick to the kidneys and a sucker punch to the belly?

It’s hard to believe in goodness, the universe and/or the divine when we are coming down off a sugar high or climbing out of sleep deprivation. And if you are not a Christmas celebrator, you likely feel some level of post-Christmas stress and wonder; dare you to remove your hands from your ears for fear of hearing the third verse of Jingle Bells for the one millionth and first time?

Happy Everything!

See you in 2023 Ooof, 2022, you have packed a wallop. Like most years, when you get toward the end, you are ready for a new one. This year, however, is different. We are in need of new energy. We have been challenged in countless ways this year, and while that does lead to growth,…