Happy Everything!

See you in 2023

Ooof, 2022, you have packed a wallop. Like most years, when you get toward the end, you are ready for a new one. This year, however, is different. We are in need of new energy. We have been challenged in countless ways this year, and while that does lead to growth, it can also lead to things like eating our feelings…(not that we have participated in that behavior). We are ready to unbox a brand-new, unstained year and revel in what we are sure is goodness and light.

But first, we have to admit that 2022 while many times a real crusher, also had some bright spots, too. Lowi and I managed to see each other in person far more times than we normally do in a calendar year. 

We did a race together in April, and then we all gathered again in June for a family wedding.

Then this fall, even though what brought us together was an accident and surgery, we still managed to find some laughter and possibly a bellyache after a huge bowl of popcorn and milk duds (eating our feelings, remember).

Still, we are ready to bid farewell to 2022 and looking forward to the freshness of 2023. We will take a break for the holidays and see you in January.

2022: It was a ride!

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