Sisterly gratitude, illumination & possibilities!

We hope our little missive brings some brightness to your season or, at the very least, some connection!

Gratitude for Sisters

November may be coming to an end, but it’s not too late for us to share our gratitude.  These last few months have brought some unexpected challenges, but along with these difficulties, we have found laughter and joy in just being together.  Both of our parents have, unfortunately, found themselves in situations in which they needed rest, recovery, and help from us.  While they likely won’t look back on these weeks with any fond nostalgia, I believe they still might laugh about a few of our shared moments and be grateful for the time we have all spent together.  

What we love!!!

If you have been following along, in early October, you will remember me sharing about having twinkly lights in my house. I told you how my sisters are crazy-go-nuts for the holidays, and they barely wait for Halloween to end before beginning the slow creep of Christmas decor. Since then, my sisters have made it their special mission to help nudge my process.

When I returned from a trip in late October, my sister, Lisa, had holiday magnets for my Jeep waiting on my doorstep. And a few weeks after that, Lowi told me my Christmas gift was coming early but that I should open it ASAP. She sent me Christmas cat bed sheets, naturally. My mom even got in on the act, sending me a Christmas-themed scratching post for the cat.

100 Miles of Gratitude

Before we went to our last race, I told you my motto was anything is possible. And that is still true. Anything is and can be possible. But the hard part is you still have to work at it (most of the time).

As luck would have it, we are in the season of giving thanks, and I have an abundance to share. In our 48-hour adventure at the Ozone Endurance Challenge, when I was 12 miles from my B goal, my husband John came in clutch. He dug in deep when he was already at his personal best of 80 miles and came back out on the course to help me get to 100 miles.

I say 100 miles was my B goal because, in my last race in a format like this, I hit 100 miles, so I wanted to be able to get at least a few more miles over that just to feel like I was making progress, that I beat my previous personal best.

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