Summer: Love, Jeeps and More Books


Oh, Summer, you are blazing hot and we are going to use every excuse for fun!

Summer Weddings

Bride & Groom Entrance
Photo credit: Lori Brown

Turns out we only need good music, perhaps a beverage, an open dance floor, and family in order to have an amazing summer evening.

A little over a week ago, we flew to Ohio for a family wedding.  It was a gorgeous summer day with a slight breeze and the birds chirping.  Add flowers, family, and a beautiful couple committing their lives to one another and you have magic.  Sprinkle in some food and drink and you have a party!

While we waited for the bride and groom to enter the reception we socialized, took photos, and laughed a lot.  Turns out our entire family has a lot of feral tendencies as we all began to inch closer to the dance floor as the music and energy rose and we impatiently waited to dance.

Lowi & G’s
Summer Reading List!

It’s possible that nobody needed a feral girl summer more than me, or maybe I just needed it as much as anyone else. One reason I share that is I realized quickly that I couldn’t even remember the last time I read a fiction book. I read all the time and used to read fiction almost exclusively but over the last decade, little by little I began to read more non-fiction like memoirs but then that rolled over into reading as a way to learn, improve and I have gotten a little stuck there.

When Lowi suggested a Summer Reading List I was all for it. “When We Believed in Mermaids” provides an easy entry. In some books, it feels like it takes you a while to lean into the characters, but not with this one. I fell right in. Within 10 or so pages just enough breadcrumbs have been dropped for me to be curious. Just how was this all going to play out?

Loving My Jeep Sahara

I think it goes without saying, but maybe we still need a disclaimer on this. What we love is whimsical and carefree and it’s meant to be. The whole world seems intent on being a Dumpster fire and we all need to steal away for a moment, a day, or a weekend into something that we love. As you have seen from us in 2022 that can be lip gloss, long walks, brown butter, and lemonade liquor. 

What I am LOVING right now is my Jeep Sahara. OH EM GEE. The unadulterated joy that this vehicle brings is absurd but I am not sorry about it. Not even a little.

Mixing feral and focused

I don’t so much struggle at being feral when it comes to being socially awkward, an introvert, or even lacking panache. However, in the context of feral girl summer it’s all rule-free, throw caution to the wind, give in to your biggest indulgences… and don’t worry, I do. But I also have goals and that mixes with ferality like oil and water. It seems I am at a constant push-pull with wanting to fully give up and be all in. Do you have that problem, too?

The last time we all gathered in our virtual campfire story time, Lowi told you she wants to build the strength and skill to do a pull-up. I mean, how feral is that? 

But here I am at the precipice of beginning something I have never done before, a 12-month training program on my way to a 100-mile race. Say what?! I know!!! I am speechless, too.

“Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.”

E. A. Bucchianeri

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