Shhh! We’re entering 2023 … s l o w l y

Slow Starters

Are you struggling to “get it together” this new year? Are you skeptical since 2020 broke your heart and ‘21 and ‘22 gave you a steady kick to the kidneys and a sucker punch to the belly?

It’s hard to believe in goodness, the universe and/or the divine when we are coming down off a sugar high or climbing out of sleep deprivation. And if you are not a Christmas celebrator, you likely feel some level of post-Christmas stress and wonder; dare you to remove your hands from your ears for fear of hearing the third verse of Jingle Bells for the one millionth and first time?

From Thanksgiving to January, it is an onslaught, even if you don’t participate in all the trappings. It is a media montage of someone’s mythical life highlight reel running 24/7 where nobody ever tires, eats, sleeps, irons a shirt, or breaks a sweat. Meanwhile, comparatively, you’re still in your yoga pants from 17 hours ago and think you possibly spy a hint of yesterday’s mascara dutifully hanging on your lashes. 

Loving Scoopful!

All hail the mighty multi-purpose ice cream scooper. Some of you may question this and wonder why I’d make such a weird statement.  But if you know, you know. And if you don’t, well, hang in because I will tell you!

For years, I have watched countless TV chefs and cooks wax poetic about the ice cream scooper and its myriad uses. It seemed useful, but honestly, I didn’t bake enough cookies to make it worthwhile, and that’s mostly how I had seen it used.

I thought it was simply an ineffective gadget for me.

Until last fall, when at my parents, my sister was using an ice cream scoop to make muffins, and it was a game changer. You get evenly distributed batter in each cup, and with just a couple of pulls of the trigger, out comes the batter efficiently without getting it all over your hands.

Slow Burn

It’s that time of year, folks.  Did you work out and eat healthy through the holidays?  Are you feeling proud of yourself?

Did you find yourself in that familiar black hole between Thanksgiving and the New Year where family, celebrations, life, turmoil, obligations, etc…left you on the sofa eating your feelings in the form of popcorn and Milk Duds?  

Be honest.  Do your jeans fit, or are they a little snug?  Have you found yourself wearing leggings or unbuttoning your jeans after dinner?  

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions except the first few, then hello!  Happy New Year, I see you.

Family Book Club

It may be a shiny New year, but some things never change.  We still love books.

Last year, we brought you book reviews on the regular as well as a summer reading list.  This year we are starting a family book club inspired by one of my good friends out here in Colorado.  She did a long-distance mother/daughter book club last year and she raved about it so, we decided to implement one ourselves.  We have wrangled our mom and other sister into our plan and we have all purchased the book, The Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides.

As with any new book, as soon as I got it in my hands, I had to start reading it.  I had no idea when we might do our first official book club meeting, but how long could it be?  It’s our January book.  I excitedly texted the family chat to inquire if they had also started the book.

“Don’t be discouraged by a slow start. It offers the time and testing you need to lay the right foundation for success.”

— Michael Hyatt

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