Forgiveness, gratitude and adventures!

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We hope this day brings you something that sparks a grateful heart.

A Season For Giving

In what seems to be my status quo these days, a new month arrives, and it takes three or four days before it fully registers that another month has ended and a new one has begun. This month I will chalk it up to being out of town, still recovering post-race, and life feeling incredibly full, even if part of the busyness is being hosted in my head.

We have been dumped into the season of gratitude, and you know how we feel about gratitude. (Ok, maybe you don’t if you’re new. Let’s suffice it to say we are fans of gratitude). But gratitude, like other important terms, has become a buzzword, and it loses its acuity when we hear it. It loses its snap when we are called to experience it.

Each year around this time, we like to find a new perspective on gratitude, not because it needs sprucing up or changing, but because sometimes our ears need to receive it a new way. 

What we’ve been doing!

We have been busy since we last met and our thoughts on our adventure are not yet fully formed. But in the meantime, while we gather our memories and stories to share, here are some visual highlights of what we’ve been doing.

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