Summer: Remedial Courses, Books & Movies

Summer is here, officially today, and we are wholly ready to take in all the fun!

Feral Girl Remedial Course

Photo credit: John Barton

The last time we were together we announced our participation in Feral Girl Summer. Now I realize that this doesn’t require a sign-up or an announcement. I mean it’s about throwing all the rules out the window so you surely don’t need to fill out a registration form.

The reason I bring it up is that it’s possible, I am in need of some sort of remedial course or “fun for idiots” instruction. Since we so boldly shared that it’s a fun-filled, mindless summer for all, I promptly proceeded to start a 6-week strength/run workout program and went rucking with a heat index of 110 (Please don’t fret. I did this with safety and clarity about my ability and also an abort switch)

During this little excursion, it occurred to me that possibly I was doing this whole feral summer thing wrong. Again, just the idea that I was doing it wrong is probably against the un-rules of being feral. Geez, who knew I was such a freaking rule follower?

Lowi & G’s
Summer Reading List!

I decided to kick off my summer reading with the quintessential summer author, Elin Hilderbrand’s newest book, The Hotel Nantucket.  

The story centers around a restored hotel on the island and its newly assembled staff.  The first part of the book is purely an introduction to all of the characters and at one point I thought I might need a chart to keep up, but alas it turns out to be just the right number of people to keep it entertaining.  Each one of these characters comes to the table with their own backstory and a common goal of making it to the end of summer with a 5 key review from the famous, although undercover, Hotel Confidential author, Shelly Carpenter.

Loving Movie-Making

Photo by Martin Lopez on

I really love it when you feel like you have found or created the perfect something, whether it’s a gift, restaurant, or coffee house. In early October, my niece (Lowi’s daughter) got married and my husband John and I agreed to create a wedding video. If you are wondering if we’re professionals, the answer is a resounding no. But we make up for a lack of skill with enthusiasm and a can-do spirit. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Can You Pull Your Weight?

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

One thing I haven’t been able to accomplish since the elementary school playground is doing a pull-up. If I am honest, I would be happy with just being able to hang from the bar for more than 5 seconds. It’s hard. Have you tried it recently?

Well into my 20s I could still easily do the monkey bars with my kids, but not a pull-up. Nowadays, I don’t think I could even do the monkey bars without tearing something or significantly injuring myself. 

So, this weekend I was thinking about my age, my strength, how I want to feel, and of course, how I want to look as I get older. Our culture instills the idea of quick fixes and overnight success stories. Let’s be honest, nothing gets fixed quick and nobody succeeds overnight. I’ve decided to go with the long-game strategy of what I do today affects how I feel tomorrow. So, every day that I choose to get stronger is only helping me in the long run.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” 

Hellen Keller

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