Summer: Feral, Reading & Lemonade

Summer is upon us and we have decided to dive into it this year.
In fact, this may be a full-on cannonball.

Feral Girl Summer

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Life has been difficult and complicated probably forever. But it seems that we’ve had an extensive string of days culminating in years that have been in a word: hard. Covid, gun violence, racial injustice, domestic violence,  as well as sexual assault, abuse, and harassment have seemingly all reached a pinnacle at approximately the same time. All of these issues are emotionally charged, volatile, controversial, and have proven to be outrageously polarizing. What’s more, they are on the revolving forefront every single day. 

With all of that as the backdrop, it seems only fitting that “feral girl summer” would be a theme as we roll into summer 2022. Now I realize that Lowi and I are way beyond our heyday of bikini summers and gathering at the mall so it seems that whether it’s hot girl summer or some other trend that it doesn’t apply to our age group.

Lowi & G’s
Summer Reading List!

For the summer, we are doing something a little different.  Rather than writing a book review, we thought it might be more fun to engage everyone in some summer reading.  The library district always hosts a summer reading program for kids, but what about the adults?

For the past couple of weeks, I have scoured book clubs and online reading groups for this summer’s must-reads and compiled my own list for Lowi & G’s Summer Reading Program.  There are 7 books on the list.  I know, that seems like a lot, but you can pick and choose and go in any order you wish. For those of you who read all 7? We might just send you a little something from Lowi & G.

Loving Lemonade

In most of the US, the lazy days of summer officially began with the Memorial Day weekend.  For those of us in Colorado, we have continued to endure bouts of cooler weather, but are hopeful that summer is just around the corner.

Since we are all about fun in the sun these next few months, I thought I would share one of my favorite summer cocktails.  I love to have things at the ready for that impromptu cookout or small gathering with friends and a bottle of Deep Eddy Lemonade is a must-have.  My friend, Gina, who introduces me to all things fun, scandalous, and sinfully delicious casually brought a bottle over one afternoon several years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

Playing the Long Game

I am playing the long game when it comes to running these days. Maybe it’s because I have gotten just old enough that I hear people my age say things like “I am getting too old for this,” or “soon I probably won’t be able to run marathons anymore,” and my personal favorite “running is bad for your knees” as well as  “most of my running days are behind me.”

Now I am not interested in getting into this conversation with anyone but myself so what follows isn’t a challenge, a critique, or even the slightest invitation for an argument. Mostly because I don’t care all that much about someone else’s approach to their running career and moreover I am a conflict avoider in most cases. I am not someone who seeks out arguments for the fun of it. I don’t like to debate or play devil’s advocate unless it’s in the tamest of circumstances. 

With that disclaimer firmly in place and expectations set that we are only talking about me. I have no intention of giving up before my life is half over (I know, I gave myself a generous card there). I do not plan on considering myself old any time in the near future. I have seen far too many runners well into their 70s and 80s showing me how it’s done to think that I am somehow close to the end.

Nobody is perfect, so why pretend? Instead,
embrace feral girl summer.

Ariana Baio

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