Hearts Full & Joy Abounds

Alexandra and Drew

It’s here. 

The day that we’ve had on our calendar for months. The day we held as a benchmark or finish line for our mental health is upon us. The last time our whole family as well as an unruly gaggle of friends gathered in one place with hearts full and tears brimming was when Lowi’s daughter Sydney got married. 

Less than six weeks after that unabashedly celebratory day we dropped unprepared into a pandemic. In a twisted-up sort of way, we have all been a bit like Sleeping Beauty. We’ve fallen into a deep sleep but instead of having fantastic dreams, it’s been more akin to a hellish nightmare.  

And here we are being awakened by the Prince of Good Fortune. 

Today, our dearest sweet Alexandra is getting married. 

One of the many amazing attributes specific to Alex is that she is a trailblazer for our family and for my brother-in-law Andy’s family. She is the first grandchild. She is the first to call my mom, Grammie, and Andy’s mom, Mimi. She is the first to call me Aunt G. 

Alexandra has been leading with fierce loyalty and an indomitable spirit. 

Alex, in many ways, is our collective heart. She has a tender innocence about her, even now. She sees the best version of everyone even if they have yet to realize it. She is the quiet doer, the perseverant. She is the best of us in incalculable ways. 

During the last 18 months, like so many others, she has missed celebrations for which she has worked excessively hard. She has been cheated of moments in the sun she has earned many times over. She has taken it all with gratitude and courage. 

Today, however, she and Drew are getting married and all the festivities, fun, and focus will be on them. As it should be. Today, they are going to receive all that they are most deserving of — celebration. Today, we are rejoicing for them and we are breathing in this life for ourselves.

Today, our hearts are full. Today, our eyes are shimmering with tears full of joy and gratitude. Today, we are here. Here, in ways that possibly we were incapable of previously. 

With the deepest depths of love and the widest arms of joy, we embrace Alex & Drew. We live the wonder of it with you, vicariously through you. It is the relief and the wonder we’ve been waiting for. 

It’s here.

Congratulations, Alexandra & Drew!!

Music by Queen

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