Surrendering to Health


It’s always funny where these blogs take us.  Often, even when armed with an amazing idea, our blogs can end up somewhere completely unexpected. Sound familiar?

I am not sure what our thoughts were when we stumbled upon the idea of Surrendering for September other than we weren’t left with many other options at this point in the year.  I know, for me, when G first brought up the theme of surrendering it struck the right chord.  It especially fit after August when we chose to just BE HERE, wherever that might be.  I think it’s safe to say that none of us are where we thought we would be in late September of 2020, but here we are.

Health and fitness have come to the forefront for both G and myself as we bring September to a close.  Two weeks ago, G told you about her relentless pursuit of making time for strength training.  Her mental wranglings are something we are all familiar with.  Let’s face it, we can talk ourselves out of working out five minutes after claiming it’s a non-negotiable! We have all become professionals at breaking promises to ourselves.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that within the theme of surrender, our health has emerged as something we need to address.  I also shared with you my experience with Intermittent Fasting and that there were no magic wands or miracle shakes that would make me fit overnight.  Trust me, if there were any of those things out there, I would have found them already.

The idea of surrendering to your health looks like awareness, taking responsibility and digging deep to find the determination to do it.  It’s making a choices sometimes 25 times each day.  Tonight, I want to eat a pizza.  Fortunately for me, there is none of that in the house.  Instead I took out some fish and asparagus and I’m going to grill them both for dinner.  I don’t want it, but it’s going to make me feel good that I made the healthy choice.  I am not going to regret eating healthy.  I might still want to indulge my sweet tooth later, but I definitely won’t be saying, “I wish I hadn’t eaten the fish.”

Surrendering to my health means taking stock of where I am and where I want to be every day.  It means doing the strength workout, doing the HIIT workout, eating healthy and when I indulge, doing so in moderation. Surrendering to my health means not making excuses even when I’m tired, or I worked out hard the day before or whatever else my brain can come up with.  We are all busy, we all have families that need something from us, we all have responsibilities and obligations that need to be met, but everyone of us has time to eat well and move our bodies consistently.

If you had asked me six weeks ago I would have told you I was doing everything I could to lose weight and get in shape.  Once I got honest with myself I realized that I was snacking too much and not eating enough whole foods.  I often came up with excuses for not doing a workout that really got my heart pumping.  I was going through the motions, but barely.


Honestly, I was surrendering to where I was.  I started telling myself that I was 50 and this was normal.  I was surrendering to a life of complacency.  That is not a life I want to live.  I don’t want to be satisfied with the status quo or subscribe to the idea that this is what the average 50-year-old looks and feels like.  If my joints hurt and I need to stretch in the morning, I want to know it’s because the day before I gave it my all, not because I haven’t moved my body in a week!

Surrendering is not being complacent.  Surrendering is taking responsibility for where you are and how you plan to get from here to there.

I don’t care what year it is and how much it has sucked.  It has sucked for all of us!  Stop being complacent.  Stop accepting the status quo and make a change.

September may be coming to a close, but it’s not too late to surrender all of the excuses and surrender to something better.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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