Being Present in the Here and Now

Before the great quarantine of 2020 hit, we were creating intentions, goals and self-care routines.  We were prepared for doing great things and being the best version of ourselves.  While it seems that everything around us has changed, we still have control over the daily choices we make. Our mindset, for example, is a choice….

Being Present for Life

In this unusual microcosm that is quarantine, we have the experience of things moving fast and moving slow all at the same time. When we considered 2020 and our Being 365 Project this was certainly never what we expected. However, each month the Being states we pondered and selected in late 2019 have arrived at…

That’s A Wrap on March

I said last week in an Instagram post that some of us feel like a tornado has ripped through our homes leaving spouses, teens, married children and dogs in its wake.  I realize not everyone has the same amount of chaos in their homes; some have more and some have very little with the exception…

Being Well at a Distance

  What a week!  I know, it feels like it’s been much longer since we all began learning and working from home, but sadly, it’s only been a week.  For some of us, being told to stay home feels like a relief.  For others, it feels like we might crawl out of our own skin….