Torture Report: Six Weeks, 12 Pounds, 15 Inches

Once upon a time…just kidding, Six weeks ago, we started on a new health journey.  We started a program called FASTer Way To Fat Loss.  Our middle daughter, Sydney, had recently become a certified coach with FASTer Way so we decided to check it out.  You can get more information on Instagram @healthfulhintsandrecipes.
The main tenets of the program are intermittent fasting, counting MACROS and working out.  There are no shakes, supplements or magic wands involved, just healthy eating within an 8 hour window and good old fashioned hard work.


So, how has it been?  I will admit, not eating until 11 was a little bit of a challenge, at first, even though I am not much of a breakfast eater.  What I have come to realize, though, is that I am a grazer and a bite of granola here, a bite of egg there and no wonder I wasn’t that hungry for breakfast.  Hard core fasting until 11 is tough some days, especially when you get up at 5:30 to workout.  Waiting until 11:00 can feel like an eternity.  It helped tremendously that the hubby was along for the ride and that two weeks out of the month he was still working from home.  This meant nobody was cooking anything or tempting me with their breakfast burrito before my eating window.  Hallelujah for small favors.


The other difficult part was Monday and Tuesday.  These were our low carb days which meant a lot of protein and veggies.  Monday wasn’t too bad because we were coming off the weekend of carbs and resting on Sunday, but Tuesday through Wednesday at 11 were a little more challenging.  When I say challenging, I mean I was really looking forward to some Silk Almond milk yogurt with granola and fruit.  These are words I never thought I would say, but guys, this is like such treat now.  I don’t eat yogurt because of the dairy and honestly almond milk yogurt sounded so unappealing, but I was wrong!  The point in telling you this is that this program has you eating such healthy foods, you might be willing to try something you’ve never had before.  Also, you get a grocery list, menus and recipes (with vegan options for every meal) and they are all delicious.  The other cool thing is that if it calls for steak and you want chicken, eat the chicken.  It’s just about finding the balance in your eating and learning the correct amount of MACROS for your body.


Okay, I am starting to sound like I am being sponsored and I am surely not, so let me tell you about some of the other challenges.  The workouts are HARD.  Mondays and Tuesdays we do HIIT workouts, Wednesday is a full body strength training workout, Thursday is upper body and Saturday is legs.  Friday and Sundays are active recovery or rest days.  I have been running three times/week and doing the workouts so I usually rested on Friday and did yoga on Sundays.  Guys, when I say these workouts are HARD, I mean even the hubby was breathing hard and sweating after these workouts.  Okay, we did try to workout together and no offense to him, but he is like working out next to a Clydesdale.  The HIIT workouts take a little finesse and speed and he is not adept at the exercise step and lots of consecutive movements.  Those of us who grew up with exercise videos will have no problem adapting to these workouts.


So, we were just rolling along doing our workouts, eating well (mostly, because we did cheat) and then we found out that in week 5, there was a 24  hour fast.  Guys, not only were we going to fast for 24 hours, but it also meant we were losing one of normal carb days.  Why couldn’t they just make us fast on a low carb day?  Anyway, we prepared ourselves mentally, but honestly I’m not sure we prepared well physically.  We did an 8 mile hike on Saturday so not only were we tired and a little dehydrated, we also ate dinner at 7:30.  That was fine for Saturday, but that meant we had to wait until 7:30 pm the next day to eat again.  Not a good plan.  We purged the pantry, organized closets, went to the grocery and walked the dogs, but we still had 3 hours left on the clock.  By 5:00 I gave up and retreated to the sofa for some binge watching on Netflix.  It did help take my mind off of my stomach, but I was still more than ready to eat and by 7:00 I could no longer wait another minute.  I had to eat before I died.  Seriously, I was absolutely sure my death was imminent if I didn’t eat a cracker that minute.


The good news is that we both survived and are prepared to do it again in another 6 weeks, but with a better plan.  For example, I am feasting at 4:30 on the day prior and I will be completely hydrated.  I also may sleep most of the day!


So, what’s the best news?

In six weeks, I lost 12 pounds and 15 inches.  No joke.  By eating the correct MACROS (something I have never done before), eating more than I have in years and doing the right combination of workouts according to my carb load, the weight literally fell off.  I have not been perfect.  We have had all the things they tell you not to have during the 6 weeks and it still worked.  Learning to be fully aware of what you are eating and also cheating in moderation has changed the way I do everything.  I mean, when I know I am going to have salmon for dinner I watch my fat intake the rest of the day. If I want pizza, I try to eat it early in the day with a salad first.  If I want something sweet, I have a piece of dark chocolate.  It’s not my favorite, but it still does the trick.


Honestly, I am excited to start my second 6 weeks today.  My only regret about this whole program is that I didn’t do it with Sydney last summer.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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