Torture Report: Six Weeks, 12 Pounds, 15 Inches

Once upon a time…just kidding, Six weeks ago, we started on a new health journey.  We started a program called FASTer Way To Fat Loss.  Our middle daughter, Sydney, had recently become a certified coach with FASTer Way so we decided to check it out.  You can get more information on Instagram @healthfulhintsandrecipes. The main…

Torture Report: How Surrender Fits into Fitness

It would seem counterintuitive that waving the white flag of surrender would be a helpful step in getting the wellness and fitness that you desire. But alas it is one of the more important steps. Until we are able to stop with all the distractions that keep us from facing where we are unwell, we…

Living into Surrender & Life

Surrender is one of those words that I want to do battle with nearly every day. I embrace it, then I push it away. I find meaning in it, then I am confused again. I make peace with it, then I pick up my weapon to defend against it. Surrender and I go way back….

Surrender to What Is

  A little over two years ago I started getting serious about my health; about what I was eating, how I worked out and what supplements/vitamins I felt were important to take. I even hired a trainer to help me reach my goals. I was lifting weights regularly and running and felt better than I…

Moving into Surrender

It’s taken 8 months, several false starts and a year long blog schedule that’s been revamped more than once to land us here. And when I say, here, I don’t mean that we are Being Here in September, too (although of course in reality we are). I am saying that we are moving into Surrender….