Have Faith

There will always be times in your life that you are faced with a gap between where you are and where you want to be. This gap sometimes is only as big a puddle and you feel confident you can bridge the gap with a good, hearty leap. Other times, the space between feels large, whether it truly is or not. The idea of trying to make the jump in one blind leap is too much.

That’s when your not-so-great friends Doubt and Fear can decide to start hanging around your neighborhood. Before too long they want to take you down all the dirt roads, have you hanging out with other bad influences like Anxiety and Dread. All of these guys are bad news and we know it. But they are persistent and their voices are so loud and seductive that they are easy to get in your head.

They tell us that we can’t do it. That there is no way out. They tell us that we are stuck.

But we are not. If you hold still and let the cacophony quiet that Fear and Doubt bring with them, Truth comes along with a much softer but firmer voice. Truth reminds you that you don’t always need to see the entire path, you just have to take the next clear step. And remember Faith, she has told you that once you take that first step the next one will appear and if it doesn’t right away, it will soon enough.

Fear is a liar. Doubt is its annoying younger sibling. It’s not as powerful or strong but can still get you wobbling if you aren’t ready for it.

And sometimes we have to look Fear in the eye and call its bluff. We have to welcome it in, acknowledge it’s there in order to see all the gaping holes in the story it’s been telling you.

And then you introduce Fear to Truth, while you and Faith keep moving forward on that path that a minute ago you were sure would never materialize and yet through the gloaming, light appears.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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