Life Lesson: I Was Wrong

I stand corrected and I owe the psychic I recently saw an apology. Last week I told you about my failed psychic experience. It turns out maybe it wasn’t. She began my reading asking about my Irish, British, Scottish heritage. I told her that we were German, not Irish.

Turns out, we’re not. OK we are but only 17%. Last Friday, I learned that my younger sister had her DNA tested through one of those geneology sites and found out…

Wait for it!

She is 51% British/Irish. I assume that can only mean that I am too, since we are sisters.

I actually felt kind of bad about my blog from last week. So I decided to email the psychic and let her know that she was right. Almost immediately she responded and told me she has learned to never “doubt what the guides and Angels tell me.”

I suppose not! Who are we to question the angels? (No sarcastic tone intended on that.)

Now I find myself looking back over this sheet of paper she gave me wondering if there is more guidance in here for me. Goes to show you never know what’s going to happen. And you never know when you might be wrong even when you think you are so right.

But I am perfectly comfortable with saying it when I am wrong:

I was wrong about the psychic.

I don’t know what else her reading has for me but she wasn’t as far off base as I originally claimed.

Apologies sent and kindly accepted by the gracious psychic. Until next time in the crazy meanderings with me. Oh, and the Miller girls are now totally celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with wild abandon. We have a lot of time to make up for.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G


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