Life Lesson: Probably Don’t See a Psychic

Going along with my theme of looking for signs and ways I am being guided, last week was a real doozy. Some were good and others… well, you be the judge.

I saw on Facebook that there was a wine and psychic event being hosted later in the week. I clicked that I was interested and before long, two friends commented they were going as well. I thought maybe I’d go but it was sold out. Then I got a text from my friend that she had an extra ticket.

Seemed like I should go, right?

I said, yes, and a couple days later showed up at the event. I didn’t have any wine because I wanted to be on my game when divination, guidance, or some other happening occurred.

Before long it was my turn and I was led upstairs to a loft-like area where there were four tables and four psychics all working their magic.

I was directed to work with a 50-something woman named Barbara. I sat down and she introduced herself and asked my name. My first thought, “You’re a psychic, shouldn’t you already know?” But instead, I said, Angela.

She closes her eyes and before long she starts talking about her guides or my guides, I am not quite sure, telling her that there is something Irish I need to know or see or do.

Does Irish mean anything to you, she asks? No.
British? No
Scottish? No
Mick Jagger? Umm, no
Rolling Stones? No


Then she asks if she can use Tarot cards. Sure, no problem.

About three cards in she is so far off base that I tell her that none of this describes me. So she finishes the reading but tells me she thinks it’s for someone else. I point to my friend who isn’t more than 4 feet from me and said, well she’s Irish, Maybe it’s for her.

She writes all the info down very specifically so I can share it with her. Then she warmly smiles at me and says I won’t charge you but the good news is that your life is going so well right now, your guides don’t have anything to share with you.

I already knew that her abilities were either not very good or were in some sort of lock down before but at this moment I wanted to tell her how off she was. I almost laughed. But instead I thanked her and went back down the stairs still with $20 in my purse.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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