Energy Clearing


“You need some energy work.”

That was how a friend summed up my life last week. And I couldn’t disagree. It’s fair to say this year has been offering lots of growth opportunities. Not all of them have been welcome but I am optimistic that on the other side all will make me better.
I made the decision last week that if I wasn’t going to be transforming myself by competing in a three-day race then I better be getting it done another way. The last two weeks left me in a rut and it wasn’t feeling homey enough that I wanted to stay in it.
What I needed was a restart, a reset. I did need some energy work!
I got started on Friday.
First up, I moved the furniture around in the great room. I feel like the space is much more open and flows better. I briefly considered tossing the sofas altogether and getting pillows and bean bag chairs. I thought visitors might not love that idea so I resisted but I haven’t totally given up on it.
And then John and I went out for a nice long walk in the sunshine. It has been a rather rainy stretch here in Ohio so when the sun makes an appearance you best applaud and take advantage of the situation. After a couple hours in the sun and fresh air I was feeling renewed.
My reset was fully in motion.
Saturday morning I woke up feeling refreshed, which was good since the weather had reverted to its old ways. I got a run in and quickly realized the reset was going to be some work. I haven’t run much since the Outrun and it showed. But I continued on with the run, strength training and then started work on our garage.
It’s a good time to purge your house when you feel like you could donate, trash, toss 80% of it and never miss it. Releasing items and energy that are no longer working for you welcomes in something new, something fresh.
That is what I am going for!
IMG_5030 IMG_5032 IMG_5035
Sunday morning arrived and, yes, I was still renewing and slept better than I had in weeks. I finished cleaning my house, dusting, laundry and then it was on.
After a brief meditation and writing down intentions, I lit incense, fired up the essential oil diffuser and began. I burned my intentions and offered them up to the universe. I smudged my house with sage and filled the air with frankincense. Then I walked around my house ringing Tingshas to welcome new positive energy. Even my cats didn’t even bat an eye. I think they knew we needed it, too.
I feel good. I feel like I have released the things that were weighing me down and made space for me to release even more. Sometimes we have to let go of what’s hanging onto us before we can move more fully into what’s calling us.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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