Life Lesson: Perspective and Experience


“The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character;
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings…
As the shadow follows the body,
As we think, so we become.”

Recently someone offered their connections to a producer/friend in Nashville for my daughter, Sydney. They prefaced it with saying that “Nashville is a big, scary place.” It caught me off guard because while any city can be a big, scary place that has not been my daughter’s experience these last 9 months. Don’t get me wrong it was really nice of this friend to offer his help, it was just his description struck me as “off.”
I am not being naive, I realize she has been very fortunate and it’s mostly because of her “connections” that things have gone so well. It just got me thinking about my friend’s perspective. My friend is and has been a aspiring artist for a long time. My immediate thought was that his experience throughout the years clearly led to his perspective. Then I began to wonder if perhaps his perspective had actually led to his experiences.

Sydney has amazingly positive people surrounding her. They all believe in hard work, dedication, luck and staying open to the possibilities that may present themselves. Obviously, Sydney has a positive perspective or she wouldn’t have taken the leap to move there in the first place. Soon after her move though, she began talking in such a way that you could tell she was opening her mind to many paths within the music industry.

Recently, Sydney had a discussion with her vocal coach about booking a show. She was working on her set and ready to get out there.
She began peppering her coach about which venues would be good possibilities. Her coach took a deep breath and told her she was ready and now she just needed to be open to the right show coming to her. For Sydney, that meant digging deep, working on her songs and being prepared for when the opportunity came knocking. Three days later she received a phone call from a friend who invited her to be in a show. She began working even more diligently and the week prior to the show another acquaintance called and asked her to sing back ups for her show on the same night! After 9 months of writing and working on her vocals she had two shows in one night!


Now, I am not suggesting that we all just sit back, think positively, be open and good fortune will come tumbling down upon us. What I am suggesting is the idea that we set our eyes upon that which is positive. Sure, we are all going to stumble upon hard times (and to be clear Sydney’s 9 months have not been full of ease and happiness), but perhaps it’s what we decide to focus on that matters.

Today, I am clearing my mind of all negativity. I am focusing on my intentions and I am being open to what comes my way. I know from choosing to do 100 Days of Happiness the last two summers it made a huge difference in my life. When I choose to look for the positive and be grateful my perspective is certainly changing my experience! What would happen if we chose to live our lives like this rather than just 100 days?

In a few short weeks we will begin our journey again. We hope you will consider joining us this summer to jumpstart your perspective change.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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