Torture Report: Getting Back to It & Summer, Can You Hear Me?


(L)  I know it shouldn’t matter, but I am over this weather! The cold, rainy, windy, chance of snow thing has got to go!  I shouldn’t complain because 45 degrees really is a great temperature for exercise, but I need to up my Vitamin D.  I need some sunshine!  I have watched every weather report and the doom and gloom looks like it is here for the week!

The rain through the kitchen window.

I did get my 3-mile walk in most days and I managed to run on the treadmill twice so that I could at least say I continued my half-marathon training.  I am really good at three miles whether I am walking or running, but 4?  Not so much.  I hate when I have no game.  That is what happens when you don’t run on a regular schedule.  I have also been doing squats, ab work and planks.  My shoulder is still giving me a little trouble from that Easter weekend fall down the stairs and there are some things it doesn’t enjoy.  Even running causes it to ache.  Or perhaps it’s this wet, dreary weather that it doesn’t like.  At some point I may need to get it looked at, but it’s not keeping me from anything major so right now I think I will just let it ride.


(G): All the excuses for laziness have been used up and last Thursday I ran for the first time in 12 days. And it felt just like I imagined– hard. It’s amazing how you can train so much and in a brief period of time it feels like all your fitness has evaporated.

Friday, I went for a six-mile walk with Swaggy but don’t be confused, he likes to power walk. I had to get it in gear. But it felt good to get outside, breathe in some fresh air and push myself a little.
I followed up with a 5-mile run on Saturday and 4-mile walk on Sunday.
But what’s most newsworthy is that apparently I am a structural mess. I have been doing a lot of rehab work on my hip and starting to realize how jacked some of my mechanical systems are. Don’t fret Torture Report followers it doesn’t mean I am quitting. I am far too stupid for that. It means that I need to spend less time sitting in a chair, more time sitting on the floor, more time standing, and possibly giving away my furniture altogether.
I told you yesterday I hadn’t given up on the idea. I do love the picture in my head of my great room being transformed into my own private yoga shala with mats, candles and incense all around.
It’s not weird that my cats think all my yoga props are theirs, is it?
Also I have picked back up the strength training. I have a bad habit when the miles get high that I drop out of the strength scene even though it’s likely when I need it the most. I get tired, I convince myself that I am doing enough and I abandon my good practices.
Just like returning to cardio after a hiatus, returning to strength training is painful, awkward and necessary.
Even our feline personal trainer is back on the job and feeling much better.
All the essentials of my fitness plan are back together again and Swaggy and I are regrouping and figuring out how we’ll add to our racing schedule after our most recent detour.  I am sure we’ll keep you posted but in the mean time, sit on the floor, stand more, take off your shoes and stretch your toes and do a plank. Solidarity People!
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G



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