Torture Report: Off-Season Is On, No Skipping

(G): The race season is officially over. But the downtime doesn’t last long because “off-season” training kicks in. I start thinking about all the things I want to improve on that I feel like I don’t have time to focus on during the season when the miles are high and the races just keep coming. I know, I make it sound like I’m a professional athlete… or even an athlete. ha!

I can agree to calling myself a goal-setter. I am all about that. Execution isn’t always my strong suit but you can’t be good at everything.
What am I working on, or at least thinking about working on?

Getting Faster
I have been given the green light for running but still in rehab mode. So far I am cleared for 2 miles and slowly building the running mileage from there. So Sunday we got back to it, we ran 2 hard miles and then walked another 8.5. As the mileage slowly builds I am really committed to pushing my pace to a new normal.

Getting Stronger
The week of recovery is over and the weight training is back on. Particularly my focus on pull ups is in full gear. I do want to kick myself for embarking on this especially when I am hanging from the bar. You know just dangling precariously and thinking, why is this so hard? And then I jump down. See lots of room for growth.

Getting Bendier
When I am running during the season I am not always focused on stretching. I know, I know. I am a yoga teacher and not focused on stretching? But I tend to not be as diligent as I could be so I am starting each day with specific stretching and making friends with the foam roller again. You can’t have too many friends.

1,700 miles
Oh this goal is a leftover from last year. Even when I set it in January I wasn’t enthused by it because it reminded me all the time of my missing the mark in 2014. I have dialed in exactly the number of miles I need to do every day to hit it. Why, you may ask, do you want to hit the goal? It means you have to make a bigger goal next year. That’s right, it does but it’s what feels like progress. It’s what comes next.

Mcrae Instagram
Go ahead, click on this photo or the link embedded below. If for no other reason than to see those killer runner abs. Ab-mazing!

I’m a follower
Sally McRae, a well-known ultra runner, has a great Instagram account and gives fun tips for running and strengthening. Swaggy J stumbled upon this gem on Sunday afternoon. We’ve been pretty obsessed with it since. You should give it a try to help boost your balance, core strength and stability for running.

And in case you have no intention of trying, this is what it looks like when mere mortals attempt it. Enjoy and don’t spill your drink when you laugh.


(L)  Last week I let G shine in all her glory of the 24 hours in New Jersey! She and Johnny Armani rocked New Jersey!  Way to go!


While I have not been running any 24-hour races I have been consistently getting 3 miles in everyday.  In fact, last Friday my walking partner texted to let me know she wouldn’t be able to go with me.  For a moment I thought about skipping.  Samson obviously felt the possibility that we weren’t going and he took matters into his own paws.  While I proceeded to throw some clothes in the washer, Samson ran upstairs to get a running shoe out of my closet!  The next thing I know he is at the front door with my running shoe barking.  Apparently we were not skipping.  Who needs a trainer when you have a golden retriever who knows the schedule?


As I type this though I am feeling a day off today as it is snowing pretty heavily right now and school has been cancelled.  Can you say SNOW DAY?  I may just have to dust off the treadmill for the winter.  I don’t think Samson will be happy about that though!

This is a photo from last Tuesday and Wednesday, but it looks like we are in for a repeat this week!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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