Light In The Darkness

As I sat down to write this weekend I felt at a loss for words that could accurately describe gratitude in a world where there is so much darkness. The terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday only bring to a forefront the atrocities that are continually happening across our world daily. Most don’t even make the evening news or cause a blip on our radar.
I am grateful as I walk through my suburban neighborhood unafraid. I am grateful that I have everything I could possibly ever want or need at my fingertips. I am grateful for a healthy family and health insurance that grants my children the life-saving insulin that they need to survive. I am fully aware that even in our own city that not everyone has these privileges. I am truly grateful to have been born into a family and country where all of these things are possible.

What do we do with our gratitude that seems to pale in the light of such darkness? Why does it seem so trivial?
I don’t have the answer. It seems it’s one of those things that makes us shake our bowed head and sit quietly pondering the meaning in it all.

I listened to a man interviewed on the news yesterday who was in the concert hall during the attacks in Paris. He was so grateful to have escaped and he kept describing that all he felt was love and forgiveness. He couldn’t even bring himself to feel anger and hatred toward the attackers. Yes, he was grateful to have emerged from the hall alive, but it was more than that. For him, it all came down to how he thought we should be living our lives. With love. Pure and simple he felt convinced that each of us should not waste another minute holding grudges, being angry, or living in fear. I am not sure those that lost their loved ones feel the same. Who can blame them? Afterall, this was a senseless act of violence. Is love the answer? More violence?

As I type these words I realize that France has just bombed ISIS in Syria. The world is hurting and I don’t have an answer other than to acknowledge the pain, love those around you, and be grateful for what you have.



Lowi & G

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