Story Hour: Texting with Kim and Kanye

Recently, I had some QT with the parents and per usual they didn’t disappoint in delivering some sort of crazy antics.

Bonnie and Clyde originally had trouble finding each other to even begin their travels to my house but alas they reconnected and arrived.

In the midst of vegan snacks and the usual chit chat of catching up, Dad started talking about texting with my youngest niece, Ava. She’s now allowed iPod texting privileges, it would seem. She hasn’t text me yet so I don’t yet rate. (Hey Ava, text Aunt G!)

Anyway… we quickly went down the rabbit hole of texting with Bev (aka Kim) and Lou (aka Kanye) and it was a jackpot of hilarity.


Dad begins to regale us, first, with the story about when mom was texting him but thought she was texting her sister, Lisa.
Needless to say the “Who’s On First?” comedy routine commences with Mom continuing her line of commentary and questions about my aunt’s meeting that day even though she’s getting responses like this from my Dad:

“What meeting?”
What are you talking about?”
and the best…
“Is English your first language?”

At this point, I am on the floor, squealing as I no longer have enough air for a proper laugh, tears are streaming and I my stomach hurts.
But the master of ceremonies, Big Papa Lou, was on a roll and he’s clearly not done with texting stories.


He continues to tell me that the other night he’s asleep and wakes up to a strange sound. He opens his eyes and as he says, “I saw a bright light and thought ‘I am crossing over!'”

Instead of crossing over, it was just mom getting her full use of unlimited texting at 3 am. If not, I would have to say the cell reception in heaven is IM-PRESS-IVE!!

But Dad takes it one step further telling me he went to work the next day telling his co-workers he had a Near Death Experience!

I am looking forward to my next story hour with Kim and Kanye. They bring it.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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