40 miles for 40 years!


For Throwback Thursday, I have resurrected a blog from my coaching website (below).  It is about change, but mainly it’s a blog about G coercing me into running a ridiculously long way for her upcoming 40th birthday!

#TBT Blog:

While still on the topic of change, I thought I would share something that will require significant change on my part.  My sister, Angela, will be turning 40 in slightly less 2 years.  All she wants for her 40th birthday is to run/walk 40 miles with her friends.  Lucky for her, there happens to be a 24 hour endurance race close to her birthday and she believes that not just she, but we, can complete 40 miles during that time. 

 I have agreed. (I do believe she waited to ask me after I had finished half of my sangria.  I am just saying that if I were to back out that any sane person would understand that I was practically blackmailed into agreeing under those circumstances).

As I was saying, I have agreed and it will take a significant amount of running to prepare for this endeavor.  This does mean change, because as of right now…I am not running.  I can run.  I do run.  I could even churn out 5 miles right now if I had to, but 40?  Nope, it’s going to take some serious change.  See week 1 schedule below:

Day 1  Find treadmill under clothes

Day 2  Enter stats into treadmill

Day 3  Clean up workout room

Day 4  Oil the treadmill

Day 5  Print out motivational quotes

Day 6  Rest

Day 7  Rest

Okay, so I am still in the contemplation stage and only thinking about the preparation stage, but I will get there, one step at a time. I will keep you posted on my progress.

This was written almost 2 years ago and now we are a mere 4 months from D-Day.  Oh, and I must mention here that crazy G has also changed the 40 miles to 50 because she just had to go and run 40 this fall because she couldn’t wait!


Am I ready?  Let’s just say that I am training and my chiropractor and I are forming a very close relationship!

Tuesdays, at Lowi and G we will be posting our weekly Torture Report to keep all of you posted on the insanity.



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  1. gretzmom says:

    you two are crazy and amazing all at the same time! i love that something written 2 years ago sounds like 2 days ago….lori my coach, i will do my best to keep you moving ahead! i will watch you both train from my perch in my hot air balloon…..really such an amazing plan! You will do it and feel so proud of yourselves!


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