Intentions, Resolutions, Goals… The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself in 2014!

%22We cannot start over, but wecan begin

At this time of year, many of us sit down to write out our New Year’s resolutions.  For some of us, we are determined, goal oriented people and when we say we are going to do something, it’s as good as done.  For others of us, we hesitate to even put down on paper, yet alone commit to memory what we would like to do in the New Year.

Why is that?  Well, I can only speak for myself, but it’s not a lack of commitment.  It’s not committing to ME!!  I am determined and 100% committed to my family and everything they could possibly need, but lately I have been asking where I fit into that equation?  I am not suggesting that in order to commit to yourself that you forget the people around you, I am saying there is room for all of it.

For me, it’s about adjusting my lens to bring the whole picture into focus.  This concept is not new, I have wrestled with making myself a priority for years.  I have   times in my life where I have been successful at being a priority like training for marathons, half-marathons or going back to school. I know how to put 100% in and to make myself a priority, but only for a period of time and only if it’s convenient for everyone else.

What I have realized is that when I decide if I am going to make changes in my life I contemplate how this will affect those around me.  This is the wrong question.  The question we all need to be asking this New Year is:

“If I Don’t do this how will it affect those around me?”

How does it affect my family AND me if I don’t get healthy, eat well, exercise, have a creative outlet, learn something new, relax or just have fun?

This is a question I have just begun asking myself and it is at the top of my intention list for 2014.  This shift in thinking has shed new light on my goals for the New Year.  Give it a try and see how things begin to change for you.

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