Endurance: It’s in all of us

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Lowi and I over the years have never found it all that important to delineate who wrote what or whose thoughts we were sharing, whether hers or mine. But early on we realized those of you reading our blog sure did. You had a distinct preference for knowing at the outset whose words you were about to read (and on occasion, hear). 

But this month, for once, I think it’s important to share it was Lowi’s idea that the theme for April be – endurance.

I have a reputation, at least in this small circle, for being the instigator of all things long-distance, grueling, or otherwise. As you can imagine, when I got a text from Lowi suggesting endurance be our theme, I was all for it but also thought everyone was going to think this came from me.

The love of … cookies

You can almost smell these yummy little treats made by none other than Lowi!

If you know me at all, you know I love to bake, and more specifically, I love to bake chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, I bake other things, but this is my specialty.  It’s been my thing since I was young and it’s still my thing.  I bake them when I’m happy, sad, stressed, or just in need of something sweet. I have baked them with various kinds of chocolate, M & M’s, oats, nuts, and even gluten-free.  

You may recall that last year, I even baked one in a skillet on the stovetop.  That one tried to beat me, but I wouldn’t rest until I had mastered it.  It’s still not my favorite way, but I’m always up for a good challenge.

American Dirt

American Dirt is a novel that has been the center of much controversy since its debut in 2020.    It’s a suspenseful page-turner that grabs you right from the start and won’t let you go until you know the characters are safe. 

The book opens with an introduction to Lydia, who is running her bookstore in Acapulco, her husband Sebastián, who is an investigative journalist writing about the cartels, and their young son, Luca.  They have a comfortable life and even when Lydia befriends a man who turns out to be the head of a cartel, they still feel relatively safe. 

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.”

~ William James

Distance is a Mental Game

G as she ascends a muddy climb at Lookout Mountain 10K in December 2021. Needless to say, we were glad it was “just a 10k.”

A couple of weeks ago I went on spring break with our younger sister and her daughter. One night while we were lounging around we came upon the topic of the blog and I got a fair amount of feedback from my own personal focus group of two. 

My niece, who shared her thoughts with the candor only a 17-year-old can pull off, offered that my blog writing style is not as conversational as she would appreciate and that I don’t write the way that I speak. (Duly noted 🙂 )

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