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What isn’t working?

Countless, endless and quickly moving thoughts stirred in my mind as 2021 slowly began to make its way to a rightful close. One of the most common iterations was, this isn’t working. What we are doing isn’t working. What we aren’t doing is also not working.

This is a general, specific, global and local statement that’s truth has seeped into my bones: this isn’t working.

There is hardly an area in my life that I could not apply this statement to and it find some traction. This is not to say my life is terrible or awful, it’s to say that just because I can get away with it doesn’t mean the mismatch should be ignored.

Loving This!

Life has been and continues to be quite the roller coaster ride. Finding the simple things that we can appreciate, love even can help keep us on our feet. Here’s what we are loving. Let us know what is keeping you going!

Enjoy the Ride

In our latest installment of what we are Reading, check out The Happy Runner! No worries, if you aren’t a runner, this little summary is more about learning how to enjoy the process and to grasp a little less firmly to the outcome. If we only focused on the intended outcome, Alexander Fleming may never have found penicillin. Sometimes it pays to let the journey take you. Read More.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

~ Alan Cohen

A Look Back

Story Hour with Lowi & G

Yes, friends, more of Story Hour with Lowi & G. Some updates, the graduate student we refer to is now a full-fledged physician assistant and is probably participating in surgery as you read this. Yay, Alex! Sadly, what hasn’t changed or improved is our skills of oratory.

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