We Are Back

Here we are. We are back. We are still Lowi & G but to be honest we are not the same. Yes, we are still full of sunshine and just the right amount of sarcasm. Yes, we are still sisters. And yes, we are still trying to figure out the absurdities of life. But we are not the same.

The truth is life has been sobering. It would be easy to say that it’s been sobering in the last few weeks and that would be true. But the truth is that life has been sobering for us both in the last couple of years. When Lowi and I each took a swing at our first blog back one of the things she referenced was the process of returning to her life fully post-cancer. I can’t imagine how it feels for her to write those words because honestly they are still jarring for me to read. They still prompt tears. Those words still elicit a little fear. They still smack of a sense of injustice.

And that’s where we all are at this point in time. We are at a national intersection filled with injustice, grief and trauma. Between the consistent fallout of covid-19 and centuries of unaddressed racism we are struggling. And some are struggling far more than others to be sure.

America is battling two somewhat invisible enemies but the resulting destruction from both is substantial, ongoing and undeniable. The truth of this time is inescapable. However, that’s how healing begins —  when we don’t look away. When we stay in it for the long haul. When we sustainably commit to change personally, professionally and systemically.

We won’t dare tell anyone else what that should mean for them. We are still in the deep water figuring it out for ourselves. As two white women who experience privilege of varying degrees we are aware there is work to do, action to take, and commitments to be made. And we are dedicated to those elements in our personal lives. However, we will not be drawing attention to ourselves for what ultimately is doing what all decent, aware and compassionate humans should be doing. Frankly, it’s attending to issues all white people should have been attending to long before now.

That doesn’t mean we will be silent or complicit. But what it does mean is that we are not qualified to be educators and we will not pretend to be. Because we are currently getting educated. We are receiving a schooling that even after a collective 10 plus years in college neither of us had.

While we are back on the blog that does not mean we are back to business as usual or that we have returned to “normal.” What it does mean is we are back to share with you about our life on the off-chance that you resonate with our struggles, our ongoing efforts to be better and all the ways we fall short.

We believe that change, improvement and progress are in living it out. And in that vein we return to our blog to live it out in real time and we welcome any of you along for the ride.

Part of that ride will be our anti-racism education and work, undoubtedly. And similar to every part of our life, this will likely entail where we got it wrong, where we messed up and also how we try again.

And there will also be plenty of blogs about joy, gratitude and the silly because life contains all of those elements. Isn’t that what we all really want anyway? These are the natural byproducts of walking through the fires of life.

We pick back up, not where we left off but where we are now. We are not the same people we were in March. It’s unlikely you are either. We are all collectively being given a chance to change the legacy of this country; the legacy of a generation. As we embark on our theme for June, already in progress, we turn to Being Open. That, to us, means being open of mind, open of heart, open of hand, open of soul, open to let things go and let things in. In this time, it’s so easy to contract and close. We choose to learn what it means to Be Open.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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