That’s A Wrap on March

Blogger’s note: Please see our updated views based on reference to Rachel Hollis.

I said last week in an Instagram post that some of us feel like a tornado has ripped through our homes leaving spouses, teens, married children and dogs in its wake.  I realize not everyone has the same amount of chaos in their homes; some have more and some have very little with the exception of their own minds, perhaps.

Regardless of your personal situation I think most of us feel or have felt a little out of sorts these last couple of weeks. Working from home is one thing, but learning to be home pretty much all of the time is something that most of us find foreign.  It’s not easy to be home with ourselves, our families, our thoughts and our feelings for prolonged periods of time.  Two weeks ago though, we rose to the challenge and made the decision to do this to the best of our ability.  Yes, it felt daunting, but also kind of liberating.  That first week, working, e-learning, doing home projects, exercising, eating healthy; being well, felt so achievable.  There was a collective, “we got this”  approach to life and we were all motivated.

As we begin week three, some of that enthusiasm has waned.  Things are getting real and at this point, many of us know someone who is sick or who is on the front lines of treating this virus. Things are getting uncomfortable and rather than settling in and doing what we need to do to be well, some of us have started to return to old habits. Binging on Netflix and junk food seems like an easier way to get to the other side of this.  I have even heard those old rumblings of, “I will start when things get back to normal.”
Listen.  Things ARE NOT going to be normal by April 1st or next Monday.  The time to dig in, do the workout, deal with our feelings; to be well, is NOW.  When we make the choice to eat junk food, have limited water and not move our bodies on a regular basis, we can all see it.  It shows up in our lack of patience, our lack of energy, our lack of optimism and our lack of understanding, compassion and empathy.  That is not a recipe for a healthy home life that is on lockdown right now.
I get it.  I want to take a nap on the sofa and just call it, too.  I have been barely holding onto my healthy habits this last week.  I have walked every single day for an hour and I have even worked out 3 times this week, but my food choices have been more about instant gratification than feeding my body.  I can feel the slippery slope of unhealthy choices under my feet. I know I can do better. We can all do better and we need to or these next 2 weeks, months or whatever amount of time we have left all together at home is going to be miserable, unproductive, unhealthy and full of resentment.
Lucky for us, our girl Rachel Hollis feels our pain and is going to lead us through the #Next90days with her five to thrive. Yep, that’s right.  Starting TODAY we are getting up an hour earlier, drinking half our body weight in ounces of water, giving something up that needs to be banished from our pantry, moving our bodies for 30 minutes and writing down 5 things we are grateful for…EVERYDAY.  We need this.  We needed a cheerleader to get us moving and Rachel has volunteered.  Go sign up at so you can receive all the emails, motivation and content they have to offer each week.  Let’s give each other some accountability and help one another through this challenging time.  Let’s finish March they way we started:  motivated and ready to work on being well.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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