Using Pause 2020 to Edit Your Life

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It isn’t very often when you get the opportunity in life to take a full stop. And nearly everyone else does, too. But here we are in 2020 and there is a collective pause. Regardless of your thoughts on the lull in the action, you get to decide how you’d like to use it.

We started out this year considering and contemplating how we wanted to BE in our lives. And that still holds true. Life is, in fact, still happening all day, every day. We can throw a grown-up temper tantrum, ideally in somewhat private because tantrums are only true and fully accurate for the 10 minutes they are occurring. So it’s better to keep it to a smallish audience so you only have to recant what you said while tantruming to a short list of folks.

It’s like what you say or do when you are hangry. You don’t really mean it, you just need to get some sustenance. You just need someone to meet your dang snacking needs and then you can carry on like a well-polished adult.

And this Pause 2020 can be tantrum-worthy at times. We all had plans. Oh the plans and the commitments and the happenings that were upcoming and now they are canceled, postponed or in perpetual limbo. And for a few moments we are sure life is ruined FOREVER.

But then with our tear-streaked face and empty candy wrapper surroundings we pull ourselves together and straighten our 3-days-straight ponytail and get down to making some proper use of this break.

What comes to mind is this, Being Well is about everything. Our food, our life choices, our feelings, our commitments, our work-life, the whole of us. And it may be time to give all of it a good, serious scrubbing. Some things maybe need to be dropped at the curb, some taken to Goodwill, and others banished with the likes of well-brewed potion.

I, for one, am seriously considering what needs to be adjusted, edited and what could be deleted for eternity for which I would be all the better. And I have thoughts about what goes on the list. And I will share a few for your adult consideration. If you are still sniffling and under the covers, you can wait. You can read this later.

But for the rest of you. Here it goes:

My work schedule needs a serious intervention the likes of Charlie Sheen.
My social and fun schedule equally needs an overhaul more along the lines of Fixer Upper.
My daily appointment schedule needs more space instead of being akin to bumper cars at the fair.
And overall I want to tolerate less BS. I let stuff get on my calendar for all the wrong reasons and it’s time I said, “that’s a hard pass for me. Thank you very much.” OK maybe the wording needs work but you get the sentiment.

What needs to get the heave-ho in your life? This is the moment. You have space and when Pause 2020 becomes Play 2020 you get to decide who and what no longer gets airtime on your dime.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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