Well, we are a few days into our highly suggested social distancing experiment.  How is everyone doing? I don’t think any of us saw this coming when we ushered 2020 in just a few short months ago.  Honestly, I don’t think any of us saw this coming a week ago.

Here at Lowi & G, we have been building a framework of how to be the best version of ourselves since early January. This month, we have been talking about Being Well and all the ways in which we can achieve that. Since last week, things have taken a dramatic turn in our nation and Being Well has never been more important.  However, we decided rather than continuing with our planned blog, we thought we could all use a little humor to distract us from the real crazy.  So, I am going to share a funny little story that will hopefully entertain you for at least a few minutes.

On Tuesday evening, my daughter, Reese, came into my room and said she couldn’t find the pillow for her bed.  She usually has two pillows and one was missing.  She said she had looked “everywhere” and needed my help because obviously something was very wrong.  I’m not going to lie, I was rolling my eyes as I walked behind her to the bedroom.  I figured I was going to walk into her room and find the missing pillow under a sweatshirt or something since it takes her about a month to put her clothes away. Well, we looked in all the usual places to no avail.  By this point, Reese was getting a little spooked because she was convinced someone broke into our home and stole her pillow.  Of course, who does that except a stalker, which I didn’t say, but she was thinking because she watches way too many crime shows.  She said there was no way she was sleeping alone. I had to think fast because while I will sleep with my 17-year-old when needed, I really wanted my own bed.

I began creating a plausible story for the missing pillow so she could go to sleep.  I told her that the cleaners had been there earlier that day, which was true, and they probably just mistakenly put the pillow somewhere else.  She ran and checked all of the rooms.  Nope.  Then, I remembered seeing a pillow in the linen closet when I was getting sheets out earlier that morning.  I went to the closet and voila!  There was her pillow with no pillow case.  Strange.

It was enough to convince her that it really had been mistakenly put somewhere else while the cleaners were there.  While skeptical, she decided she could sleep.

I, on the other hand, would not be getting any sleep because I knew what Reese didn’t…that pillow in the linen closet was an “extra” pillow that I keep for guests.  I immediately sent a late night text to my cleaners to see if they could solve this mystery.  Unfortunately, they replied saying they couldn’t find her pillow when they made the bed that morning either.

To ease my fears, I looked at our security camera footage to see if we did indeed have an intruder that came into our home and stole Reese’s pillow.  As I suspected, all was clear.  This could only mean one thing…my friendly ghost, Rose, was back.  As is her modus operandi, she did something totally harmless just to let me know she was HERE!  If you aren’t familiar with my Rose, you can read about her shenanigans here.

Guys, I haven’t slept in days.  While the rest of the world is preoccupied with Covid-19, all I can think about is that Rose found me!

Clearly, we will need to move.  It’s taken her 27 years to find me out here in Colorado so I figure if I can move to a remote, tropical island I can not only escape Rose, but I can also evade the Coronavirus.  It feels like a win-win.   Now, if I can just convince my hubby that this is a sound decision we will be all set.

I will keep you posted on how things are going with Rose, Reese, Andy and myself especially now that we are all spending so much time at home.

 We will be posting updates on our lives, inspiration and survival tips for dealing with our families for hours on end, day after day, whenever the feeling moves us, so follow us on Instagram @lowiandg and @lowi_n_g.


We will also continue to post about ways we can BE WELL in the midst of our social distancing and distract you from doing your work remotely. You’re Welcome.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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