365 BeingWell


It’s March and that means it’s time, once again, to add a layer to this life we are trying to build.  The last two months, we have spent a lot of time talking about setting intentions, keeping promises, being okay with where we are, and loving those around us as well as ourselves.  It has been enlightening and not always fun to reflect on how we are actually living our lives.  I think we have all realized that we give a lot of lip service to things that we don’t always put into action.

This month, is all about being well.  This can mean so many different things to everyone and it can also be dependent upon the situation you find yourself in today.  Some of us may believe that being well is about being in the best physical health possible. G is training for a big race and she is logging hundreds of miles right now.  Her being well revolves around food, hydration, rest, training appropriately and being able to give it her all when she gets out there on the trail.  Being Well is about her being in peak condition.

For me, it’s about making sure I get a workout in everyday and I am eating better than I did the day before, drinking plenty of water and looking for ways to feel my best. For someone else it might just mean that they aren’t currently sick.


Being well is such a broad topic that it would be impossible for us to cover it all in March, but here are a few things we are thinking about:  physical health, mental health, eating habits, exercise, building space in our life to do all the things we want to do…WELL, paying attention to what we watch, read and listen to and making plans and sticking to them.


This is where our intentions and loving ourselves where we are right now are going to come into play.  Being well means knowing what you want, setting an intention, making  a plan and loving ourselves enough to stick with it even when it’s hard.  And it’s going to be hard some days.

Just last week, I had a plan and my brain tried everything to throw me off course.  I was unmotivated and didn’t want to workout.  I  had to remind myself of my “why” and my intentions.  Finally, I just made myself walk  downstairs and do it because it was the plan.  If I had not had a specific goal,  set an intention, and a very specific plan as  to when I was going to do a workout and what the workout would be, it would not have happened.  We can’t just say we want to be well, lose 10 pounds, eat healthier or run a 5k, we have to create a solid plan and have a good reason for doing it or it will go out the window the first chance it finds.


This week, let’s figure out what we want. Maybe you are ready to start that  exercise plan you have been thinking about since the turkey trot when you barely made it back for your pumpkin pie.  Maybe you are tired of feeling like a sloth and you want to begin a solid nutrition plan to work from the inside out.
Whatever it is, now is the time.  Remember, we are building the best version of ourselves and we have to start from the beginning.  Also, keep in mind that my starting point is going to look different than your starting point.  My entire framework so far may be very different than yours.
The point is that we are all working on being well.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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