Take a Leap

Here we’ve come, rather briskly and unceremoniously, to the end of another month in 2020. We are wrapping up our February of focusing on and creating building blocks that support Being Loving and Kind to ourselves and to others. 

And while our month of specifically writing about this topic may be ending the practice itself is in some ways just beginning. Lowi and I had a long conversation yesterday in our efforts to plan for this year’s series of blogs. We created and have, in many ways, personally become quite anchored this year because of this series. 

We set them up with thought and believe that we are presenting them in an order they truly need to be cultivated. We needed intentionality before we could ponder purity in love. And as we move toward Being Well, we knew that arena was rife with so many pitfalls and landmines that our self-care/self-love game would need to be strong in order to take steps that were meaningful and still in alignment with care instead of being caustic to our souls.

And with all that, what most comes to my mind is LEAP. I have been somewhat smitten with the idea of Leap Year. It comes but every four years. It’s elusive enough to be mystical and common enough to be depended upon. As we close Being Loving and Kind I want to invite you, me and everyone else that we come in contact with to Leap with our whole hearts into something, anything.

If you know that what will most serve you is to love yourself in a big adventurous, wild and freeing way. I want you to leap.

If you know that what will most serve you is to sit down and honestly grieve first for the ways that you have not always had your own back. I want you to leap into that.

If you can feel a calling burning in your heart that you have always been too scared, too timid, too unsure to follow. I want you to leap.

Anyone who’s experienced any measure of love knows that it’s about taking a risk. If I show my heart, will they show me theirs? If I love them, will they love me back?

Do I hold a little back or do I go all in?

What I can tell you is that life is a fickle, frustrating, and fabulous ride. It will nearly crush you one moment and magically glue you back together in the next. But we only get one ride. As Mae West is known for saying “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Let’s decide to leap. Let’s decide to let go of the handlebars. Let’s decide to relinquish our inhibitions. Let’s extinguish the doubt. Let’s terminate the excuses. 

Why not in this year of BEING, be all in?

As we move through the rest of this year-long adventure in challenging ourselves to be more present and purposeful in our lives, let’s put all our chips on the table. We won’t do it perfectly. We will stumble and mess up, we will drop out, plummet to some bottoms, hit our knees, skin our elbows and bruise our pride. 

We will imagine this is a sign that we are failing. But it may actually be proof that you are showing up. 

Life is always calling us. How will you answer?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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