What’s Love Got to do With It? #365BeingLovingandKind


Last month, we laid the groundwork for our year.  We scaled back, threw out the garbage, packed up the things we wanted to carry with us and decided to make this year different.  We made the decision to get real, set intentions rather than lofty wishes and dreams and we started thinking about the promises we wanted to make to ourselves.

This month, we will add a layer to our foundation so we can begin to build the life we want.  We are talking about LOVE.  Being Loving and Kind, to be more specific.  Right about now you are probably thinking you are already loving and kind to everyone. That’s great.  We all strive to  be loving and kind and if we were better at it, our world might look a little different.  What if I told you that you can only be as loving and kind to others as you are to yourself?  It kind of blows your mind, right?  It’s like putting the oxygen mask on yourself before attending to your child.  Without the oxygen mask, you risk passing out from lack of oxygen if you help others first.  YOU CAN’T GIVE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE. If you give all of your love away to others, you risk having a very empty tank.  This breeds resentment, impatience and overall snarkiness because you are giving everything away.  This is also the point in which we give up because we have nothing left.

Giving love and kindness to others matters.  Self-love matters, too…a lot.  We are going to be talking bout ALL of the ways being loving and kind matters.  Maybe some of you are reading this and rolling your eyes right now because you think we are going to ask you to chant self-love mantras as you go through your day.  I mean, if that works for you go for it.

Again, we are just offering a framework so that you can reflect on your own life and goals and decide for yourself how this fits for you.

So, how does Being Loving and kind fit in?  Before we move forward with some of our more exciting and action-oriented goals, we have to be certain our foundation is solid.  If you are NOT in the habit of being loving and kind to yourself and to others the rest of the year won’t matter.  The first time you have to choose between your goals and doing something for someone else, you will throw your priorities out the window.  If, however, you have a strong foundation, you will find a way to keep your promises to yourself and still be loving and kind to others.  It is possible.

Still not sure?  Next month, we start talking about our health and wellness and if you haven’t accepted where you are and made the decision to love yourself through this process, YOU WILL GIVE UP. 




We want to show you ways to love others the best way you can as well as how to start loving yourself enough to keep your promises to YOU.


Sunshine, Sarcasm, & Love,
Lowi & G

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