The Carelessness Saga Continues…

“Careless Whisper” is Lowi joking?!?
Well played, my sister, well played.

But let’s be honest, Lowi managing to keep her paws to herself is not something for which we throw a parade. She fancies herself “oh so special” for washing clothes I lent to her and giving them back.

In the words of Chris Rock, “You’re supposed to!”

That’s how it works. When you notice someone on the street drop their gloves, whether due to their own carelessness or not, you give them back. You don’t grab and them and scream “Finders Keepers” at the top of your very adult lungs. Did she miss some of the most formative days of kindergarten about sharing and returning lost items?

I will admit I did leave my hairbrush behind more than a few years ago but even her daughter had the good decency to leave it where she found it in hopes that its rightful owner may happen upon it. She must get those good morals from her father.

But if Lowi really wants to have a battle about carelessness as well as aloofness, it’s on.

I routinely send this woman all kinds of podcasts, You Tube videos, and books I find helpful in our mutual quests to “get our life together.” I appreciate she’s a busy mom who has offspring that require her attention, feedback and nurturing and I have well… Bhakti the Cat. She’s been nurtured enough and she’s not my offspring. She just needs food on the regular and someone to scoop her litter box, so I have extra time.

I don’t keep my learning to myself but instead share it freely and widely with her and anyone else who will listen. It may be considered¬† a mild form of kidnapping when I corner someone and don’t stop talking for 2 or 3 hours but my intentions are good.

But let’s get back to my wayward older sister with delusions of always being right.

While she was in Nashville visiting her kiddos I sent her two You Tube videos that were essentially podcasts. She didn’t even need to watch them, she could merely listen. She responded and said, “great, I will listen on the plane.”

A day or two later I sent a follow up text with a reference that I was sure she would get because I was confident she did, in fact, listen to those podcasts. Instead she responds, “Who’s that?”

Friends, my heart sank. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot waterboard it into learning. Apparently that’s frowned upon. And that’s where we are with my dear sister and fellow blogger.

And last week when I shared a podcast with all of you, I promise you she didn’t listen to it either. I am trying to help her. I mean, it’s clear with all her stealing and justifying she’s gone way off the rails. I don’t know if Santa has checked his naughty or nice list for the second time yet but if he has — it may be a dark and coal-like holiday for one eldest sister.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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