You Gotta Want It!

There is an account I follow on Instagram and she collects and posts photos of heart-shaped rocks she sees on her runs. I’ve always thought it was cool when I see them but never gave it much thought.

While running on Sunday, this one caught my eye and instantly I recognized it as a heart. As I got closer I started to second guess myself. I thought about potentially sharing it and people thinking, “wow that doesn’t look like a heart at all.”

What I thought or heard next is: You gotta want it.

It’s a phrase that I often hear in the negative context of someone reading into something so hard and so deeply “trying” to get offended. You gotta want it.

If that’s true, it must work both ways? It made sense to me in that moment and even now.

So yes, this looked like a heart. I took a picture instead of picking it up because I was a kid who collected rocks and that’s a heavy hobby that gets out of hand quickly.

Then about 2-3 miles later I saw this heart-shaped rock!!

You gotta want it.

I want to see heart-shaped rocks. I want to see the good in myself even when I may think I’m never going to be “good” enough, kind enough, OK enough.  I want to see the good in you when you are a mess, too.

I want to see the possibility instead of improbability. If you gotta want it, why not want to see the good along with the “not so good?”

The inconvenient truth is we are both. We are good and bad. We have dark and light. But when we bring what we think is bad or dark to the light it gets transformed.

You gotta want it.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G


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