Lucy! You Have Some Explaining to Do

This is not an actual photo of Lucy but a good likeness.

As we so expertly demonstrated last week on our blog, we are animal people. In fact, we hold animals in equally high regard as human people. So when I saw my neighbor’s dog, Lucy, running amok unattended last week it got my attention. I was sitting in my office working at the computer when I saw Lucy running around on someone’s deck off-leash. I have known Lucy for about 5 years now and her “dad” walks her twice a day on a leash. Therefore, seeing her running with wild abandon put up a red flag. I headed outside in a sweatshirt and my PJs to be sure may be her owner wasn’t just out of sight from my window vantage point.
It turns out Lucy had gone rogue. When I went out she started barking at me and then would run a few feet away and then come back barking again.
I felt like she was trying to tell me something. I even asked her, “Lucy, where is your dad?”
She just kept barking. I started to wonder if Timmy was in the well, for all you Lassie fans.

I did what anyone would do, I followed her. She ran in circles around me but kept running ahead and back again to make sure I was following. Eventually I saw Lucy’s dad who was not in a well, thankfully. Turns out she just wanted to run around free and had gotten away from her owner.

My neighbor asked me why I was out with his dog and I explained that seeing her off her leash got me concerned and then she was acting like something was wrong so I asked her if “Timmy was in the well?” He’s British so by the odd look on his face he either didn’t get the reference or just thought I might be a bit crazy. Or maybe it was the visual of me in my PJs. But nonetheless, Lucy was reunited with her owner which was the goal all along.

However, I still wonder what she was barking about and why she wanted me to follow her. Lucy has some explaining to do.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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