Inspiration Tuesday: Nature

I have been going to the same park nearly every day for the last few weeks. You would think that would get boring but this time of year, especially, things are always changing. I get to experience the tug of war that appears to be happening between Winter and Spring. They are having quite the battle here in Ohio. One day last week it was in the low 70s, unfortunately it was also pouring down raining and there was some tornadic activity south of where I live.
We’ve also had snow here and there and just about everything in between. So in the span of not even 7 days, I have walked in the snow, through the snow, in the rain, in the wind, in the sun and at sunset.

The park where I walk has natural falls and following our rainstorm the water had overtaken its banks the rush and roar of the water was fierce and then within a few days the water receded and the falls returned to their more gentle nature. To be honest, I rather like the rush and roar. It’s powerful and makes you realize how big Mother Nature is.

Yesterday while at the park, the water was down but there were flurries of snow, which is hard to believe since we are well into April. If you have your Farmer’s Almanac handy or happen to have grown up in a rural community, you’ve been going on about forsythia blooming and three snows. You can disregard, if you are not familiar with either.

I like to see how things change day by day. And soon, I won’t believe that the trees are so lush with leaves and how the park has become so green even though I watched it happen day by day. That’s how change comes. It starts out slow and feels like the wheels turn interminably slow but then once they get some momentum in the right direction you can’t slow down the progress.

All we have to do is be patient and stay the course. Mother Nature will fully create the change to spring. She always does. And whatever change you are working toward, stay your course too. Soon you’ll look back and be amazed how quickly you got so far.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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