Taxes and Other Stuff

It’s that time of year again. The time where I procrastinate, avoid, elude and do all sorts of other ridiculous things in order to not prepare my taxes. I don’t actually even fill out the tax form, my accountant does, but the work of gathering all my info is tedious. I don’t enjoy it and therefore I wait, and wait and wait some more until there is no more waiting to be done.

This year, I waited so long that when I called to make an appointment with my accountant, I was told by the lovely receptionist that there were no appointments left. Umm, what? Now I am sure from her perspective she is wondering what on Earth all these procrastinators are waiting on. We are going to have to do our taxes anyway so get on with it you lazy Schedule C filers. See I have the lingo down… sort of.

Well, tax expert be advised, we are putting it off because we don’t want to think about how we did exactly what we swore last year we wouldn’t. We said after our taxes were neatly filed and we wrote our painful check that we would not wait until the last minute. That we would, in fact, enter our receipts etc into Quicken monthly so we wouldn’t have to sift through 365 days worth of credit card statements, receipts and an entire calendar to track our mileage.

We swore we’d be all put together next year so all we had to do was print out the fancy little reports that Quicken creates and we could file as soon as all our other tax forms arrived. And then March is nearly over and we realize we didn’t do any of it except, again, collect all the needed documents in a bin for another 365 days.

First, let me say we should get a little credit for, in fact, keeping the documents in the first place — which I did.

However, so many points are likely deducted for all that lack of action the rest of the time that I am likely in the negative digits. The reason for all this is that taxes and accountants make me nervous. I mean, my accountant is a really nice guy. He doesn’t treat me like I am an idiot even though he may often be thinking it. He is even patient with all my random meandering reasons for not having the information he needs. Through no fault of his own, being there makes me feel like I am in the principal’s office, that I am about to be punished with detention or Saturday school.
Do they even have Saturday School anymore?

So while this weekend I have been a busy, little bee working on gathering all my tax forms I have had help. My two cats have each taken a turn laying on a pile of papers I need. Bhakti has even taste-tested a few of them and apparently they taste even better than her cat food. And I have, yet again, been reminded there is no chance that I am going to win any sort of entrepreneurial award.

But all my reports are in order and I am ready for Satur– I mean my tax appointment on Tuesday.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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