Inspiration Tuesday: Break the Loop

I was watching a television show over the weekend and one of the main characters was experiencing deja vu. She quickly caught on to what was happening and was trying desperately to make sense of it all. People from her past, who are dead, were in this experience and reminding her of things to help her get out of the situation she was in.
Her deceased boyfriend was telling her she needed to break the loop. For the sake of the TV show, this had more than one meaning but it also is true when we find ourselves in a rut.
How do we break the cycle, break the loop?
How do we get enough clarity to know we are in a rut or loop?

The shortest answer is we are most of the time. We like rhythm and routine. Most of us tend to like patterns and whether we are liking the outcome we tend to do the same things over and over again. We eat the same foods, we wear the same clothes, we say the same things, we even tend to have friends who have similar qualities. These are not innately negative things but when we say we want something different, we need to do something different as well.
How do we break the loop? And how do we know which loops need to be broken so we can break free to the other side?

So far what I have come up with is question everything. Take nothing for granted or set in stone. Question it all. Why do you drink coffee in the morning? If you take cream in your coffee, why?

Question it all and see where that leads you? What new experiences might you have if you wear red instead of your usual black? What new people might you meet if you go to an event you are sure you’ll hate but you are questioning that assumption and attend anyway?

If you don’t like what you have the best way to get something new is to change. And change it all, change most especially the things that make you feel comfortable. Those might very well be the ties that bind.

Break the loop.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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