Inspiration: Cultivating the Goodness

We have shared, at length, about our love of happiness jars. We’ve done 100 days of happiness on the blog more than once and every week we talk about something that brings us gratitude.

Just last night I was blathering on to some friends of mine about focusing on the good stuff. I was proselytizing, mostly for my benefit, not because I thought they needed to be more positive people. But you know what they say if you want to learn something teach it. I wasn’t exactly teaching, more like sharing, but go with it.

I have been sampling some self-care practices lately and one that I think that has real value is keeping a happy journal. It’s a new practice that I haven’t been familiar with in its full form.

This Happy Journal premise from Faster EFT Eutapics includes the following items:
Positive Emotional States: Writing down positive memories, happy thoughts
Positive Affirmations: Phrases, photos and anything else that symbolizes what you want your life to be like
Gratitude List: All the things you are grateful for
Goals and Dreams: All the things you want to achieve and accomplish
Gems: Any inspirations you come across in your life that you want to remember, that are inspiring, that you resonate with. This can be photos, quotes etc.

You can either partition your journal into 5 sections or use 5 different colored pens to be able to quickly know which section you are adding to. I am rather lazy, so I went for 5 different colored pens. I like the variety. I have just started this practice but a few things I have noticed while doing it:

Writing down purely happy memories can sometimes stump you. It’s not that I don’t have happy memories but I find that sometimes I am so primed for what I need to be fixing, changing or working on that the good is missed. Clearly that’s why this is a good practice.

So far I haven’t written in every section every day but I am committed to writing something every day and also re-reading the good things each day as well. It’s an effort to infuse myself with positivity in a real tangible way. It’s hard to poo-poo positivity when you are reading about your own good memories, your own self-constructed gratitude list and your self-created hopes and dreams.

I think there is a lot of merit to all of these practices and they are rooted in your reality, which is an amazing way to silence the inner critic or what can feel like random positivity.

If you want to join me, I love company. And it’s a great excuse to get a journal and colored pens. I got mine at Target so who can refuse a trip to Target? Not me.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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