Walmart Greeter?



I am beginning to feel as though I have missed my calling.  The universe continues to send me random people who want to speak with me about anything and everything from raising their children to divorce. When I reflect on this seemingly new gift of mine I realize it has always been there, it’s just manifesting itself to the point in which it is difficult to ignore. In fact, recently I was standing in the Valentine’s section of the store looking for cards.  A man was standing a few feet away looking at the stuffed animals.  It was obvious he was struggling as he kept picking them up one by one and then looking at me.  We made eye contact a few times, I smiled, but I refrained from commenting because I knew he wanted me to help him pick out a stuffed animal for his little girl. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did.  I walked away.  Fifteen minutes later, the man passed me with 5 stuffed animals in his hands.  It’s possible he has 5 kids, but I don’t think so since there couldn’t have been more than 6 stuffed animals on the shelf.  I think he couldn’t make up his mind and even though the universe came knocking, I refused to answer.  He was left with no other logical choice than to purchase all of them.  I have to say, I feel kind of bad.


What is my calling?  Medium?  Psychic?  Therapist? Guru?  Nothing that glamorous I am afraid.  I think I am supposed to be a Walmart greeter.  Think about it.  They have to talk to everyone that enters the store, ask them if they need any help and then point them in the right direction.   It would be perfect for me.  Now, I do dislike Walmart very much so that could be a problem.  Perhaps Target could implement a program for me?  You might be thinking I would be a perfect fit for a position in customer service, but no thank you.  I don’t do all that other stuff.  I just listen and talk.  No cash registers, walkie talkies or stocking shelves, oh and I don’t want a boss either.


I clearly need to work on my branding and getting my name out there though because not everyone realizes or appreciates my mad skills.  Just last week my middle daughter called to tell me that my older daughter was having a wee bit of a breakdown and I needed to call her ASAP.  Of course, my first question centered around why she was interceding on her behalf.  Middle daughter says sarcastically, “she didn’t want to burden you, but I told her everyone else wants to tell mom their problems why don’t you?”  
Good question.  So, of course I called and listened and I believe she felt better.  It’s what I do, but what does one call that and how does one make a living at that?


If you need me I’ll just be walking around Target and the airport.  Apparently, my vibration is really high in both of those places.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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