Time Comes and Goes … But Rarely the Way We Want

I saw last week on Instagram a post that read:

It was so on point.
What is it about certain months that drag? What is it about certain experiences that seem like they take FOREVER to get through?
You know how it goes, the snooze button goes off after 10 minutes and you’d swear it was a second. You drop to do a plank and 15 seconds nearly kills you. Time is a fickle little concept.

It gets us all tripped up. It’s because we are clingers and repellers. (If our Dad is reading this, at first he’s thinking, “Yeah Klingons!! I knew those girls were listening while they rolled their eyes.) We cling to the experiences that we want and we repel the ones we don’t. Our whole lives are one big tantrum of “Yes, stay!” quickly followed by “No, go!” Sometimes we say both to the same person or experience, nearly at the same time.

We want it our way. We want salvation now. “But joy cometh in the morning.”

I am not a Biblical expert but I think partially it means, we have to wait. We have to get through the night. We have to wade our way through the darkness. And sometimes “a night” is far longer than a 24-hour cycle. And it’s painful, the waiting.

Other times, we have years in an experience or with a person and it’s never enough. Lowi, last week, wrote about her husband. Andy is an all-around good guy and after 25 years, it’s not enough. She’s ready for another 25. It’s joyful, the time spent together.

She would likely go back and raise her girls all over again even knowing the trials and challenges, sleepless nights and overwhelming worry that came along with it. It’s never enough. It’s heart-filling, the love extended.

And yet we continue on with our push-pull, stay-go, nearly every day in nearly every way. The morning comes too fast, the night lasts too long. We have too much of one thing, not enough of the other.

It’s extremes and continuums and we’re routinely swimming like salmon.

February has arrived and many are hoping that life will continue on its amazing even keel as they’ve been through hard times. Others are hoping that this month brings with it the proverbial morning filled with joy. And others aren’t sure what they want other than anything but what they currently have.

Joy cometh in the morning… but first we wait.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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