Fresh Start: Bhakti’s Beginnings

Not long ago I shared with you that we adopted a new kitty into the Barton family over the holidays. But with all the excitement in sharing our news and an effort to keep our blogs no longer than a 5-minute read I was remiss is sharing how we came to find Miss Bhakti.

On Christmas Eve my sister, Baby Lisa, as we are prone to referring to her, texted to say that she was at a nearby pet store to get Christmas gifts for her daughter’s guinea pig. While there she saw a cat that was up for adoption whose name was Duchess.

She sent me a photo and while the cat was cute I said I wasn’t going to adopt another fur friend just yet. Then on Christmas Day, talk of the cat came up again. After some nudging and possible coercion, we agreed to go see the cat the next day. My sister, my mom and I all met at the store to see the shelter kitty in need of a home.

We pet her through the cage she was in as store policy was not to let the cat out for fear she’d get free. But before too long our loitering around her cage encouraged the manager into letting her out. I got to hold the cat, formerly known as Duchess, and she had me. Even though I wasn’t quite ready for another cat, she needed a home now. I filled out the rather lengthy adoption form and headed home as I was told it would likely be a couple of days before I heard back.

Within 45 minutes I got a call and the kitty was ours. One small snag… My husband hadn’t even met the little fur ball yet. I texted him and he said he was good with it and to go get the cat. Not long after, I met my sister and niece, Ava, at the pet store and we loaded the wily feline into the carrier and headed for home.

We went through a lot of mental wrangling trying to come up with a name for the cat and finally after 2 full days we settled on Bhakti. And that, as they say, is the rest of the story.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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