Fresh Start: New Friends

Bloggers’ Note: When thinking about 2018, we thought it was only fitting after many experiences in 2017 that this be a year of fresh starts, starting over, and seeing life anew.

Late last year, I read a Facebook post from Jen Hatmaker in which she referred to 2017 as a Dumpster fire. I couldn’t agree more. I think that was true for most. And while I am not sure, we never are, how this year will unfold I can’t imagine it could be worse than the one we just kicked to the curb and asked never to return.

To be fair, the year wasn’t all bad. We brought our book into the world and that was exciting and elating. But we were also delivered challenges we never saw coming. And some heart breaks came that we had been dreading for a long time but were still somehow shocked when they actually arrived on our door step.

But as with all disappointment and despair, it will eventually subside and new, good things come to our life.

That has happened for my husband and I in the form of a new fur person that we have brought into our home, and more slowly, our hearts.

The day after Christmas we, rather unexpectedly, adopted a new cat. This was a tough decision for me as I wasn’t sure I was quite ready after the loss of our cat Parsley early in 2017. I am still not entirely sure I am ready but lucky for me, our new cat is still figuring it out and so that gives me time to figure it out along with her.

Our new feline delight’s name is Bhakti, which is Sanskrit for love and devotion. While I’d like to say that is a sign she will be showering us with love and devotion… she’s a cat so it will be only if she feels like it.

We, on the other hand, will most certainly provide her with that and do our best to attend to her every whim, as that’s what cats expect of their staff. As anyone who has said goodbye to a pet knows, the new ones that come in the future never replace the ones you’ve lost, they just open up new places in your heart that you didn’t know needed to be filled.

Our resident geriatric feline, Basil, isn’t so sure that he needed another sister but he’s taken it pretty well. He mostly naps and ignores her and even tolerates her poor attempt to intimidate him with her meager growl.

Bhakti has been a fresh start for us in many respects but at times it’s still bittersweet. However, her energy, kitten-ish qualities and curiosity have done a lot to extinguish the fire that was 2017. I am sure more restoration is on its way. One meow at a time.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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