Ghost Stories Part IV

If you have been following along this month you know that I have been haunted and harassed by something “beyond” for over 25  years.  However, it seemed  more likely to happen at my parents’ house.  For years, I told my parents that I was no longer coming home as “someone” didn’t want me there. They, of course, denied that there were any strange happenings at their house and continued to feel like most things  could be explained…even though they were yet to explain any of it!  My parents’ biggest defense thus far had been that their house couldn’t be haunted because they built it; it wasn’t some old Victorian home that could have potentially had spirits from another time.  My sisters  were convinced that there was a story begging to be told and they began speculating what that story could be.  I was sure that my parents’ had built their house on an ancient burial ground and someone wasn’t happy about it.

Right before I was to come home for another visit with my girls my sister, Lisa, began working at the county courthouse for an attorney.  She decided to play Nancy Drew and dig into the history of the property that our parents’ house was built on.  It turned out that a woman named Rose owned the property prior to my parents purchasing it many years later.  It also turned out….

Drumroll, please.



Now what?  Well, my sisters’ answer was that while I was home I should, “open myself up to the possibility that Rose just wanted to let me know she was there.” They also suggested that if I “asked” her to show herself she might.  After all, she obviously only wanted to make contact with me and all of her contact so far had been just about alerting me to her presence.

I think both of my sisters thought it would be pretty cool if Rose haunted them.  They thought for sure they would be open to her presence.  I, on the other hand, just wanted Rose to “speak” to someone else about whatever unfinished business she had.  One night, I even declared out loud that she should go haunt someone else because I wasn’t interested in being her medium.

This might have been the moment she decided to get in my suitcase and travel back to Colorado with me…

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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